Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Grays and Yellow

Since I was unable to find the perfect shade of navy to make the last craft room pallet come to life, I am switching it up! I'm thinking light gray for the walls, and since I love (LOVE) yellow, it should be easy to include! I am keeping all the thread holders dark wood, and of course it wouldn't be complete with out a little navy. My existing furniture will bring in the black and dark gray, so this craft room transformation should be relatively painless!

I am thinking of adding a crochet area. It might be the perfect way to keep yarn from taking over the whole house (happens every fall). I already have the perfect comfy (dark gray) chair I can take from another room. I also have dreams of making a polka dot wall, but we will see if I can make that dream a reality. What are you thoughts? Do you think gray and yellow is too overdone? Do you think there should be another color added in?



  1. I think grey and yellow would look so pretty together - it reminds me of the sun poking out behind the clouds on an overcast day ^_^ A polka dot wall sounds fantastic!

    1. What a great way to look at it! Now I must do it :) Thank you!