About Me

Hello! My name is Charlie. I am daring into the last year of my twenties and attempting to love every minute of it. I am a wife and kitty momma living in the beautiful state of Michigan. I am only truly happy when I am making (or reading a book). I love to sew, journal, crochet and of course make lists. I also enjoy being behind a camera, learning new things and creating a colorful life. I started Polka Dots are Love 3 years ago as a way for me to document my creativity and hold myself accountable. Through the years, I've shared lots of tutorials and thrifted restyles, and even started my own Etsy. I hope you will poke around and maybe even find some inspiration for your next project!

Why Polka Dots are Love?
I am pretty sure I get my creativity from my grandma. She could make anything and loved to give handmade gifts (often times amazing handmade quilts). My very thrifty grandma only owned two special occasion dresses in my lifetime: one polka dot (her favorite) and one paisley. After she passed, I wanted to keep a piece of her alive for the family and I slowly became the one who was always wearing polka dots and now am even leading a creative, handmade life. It only seemed fitting that I include her love in my blog, and what better way than to name it after her favorite thing!

Meet my two main men:
Thomas is my husband. You will see me refer to him from time to time, so I thought it may be nice to put a face with the name (or even to just put a name, because a lot of time on here I just call him husband). He is one of the most patient men I know and he always waits in those obnoxious lines at the cutting counter for me.
This is Ernie! He has been my little man for about 10 years. He is a Norwegian Forest cat and is larger than most small dogs. He is the fluffiest best friend I've ever had. You will see him from time to time as he is a stealthy photo bomber, and if you follow my Instagram, he is often the one hamming it up for the camera.

Just for fun, some random things about me:
- I collect vintage Pyrex and Pendleton skirts.
- I am extremely shy in real life (which makes me a bit more reserved on here).
- I tend to buy things based on how dorky they are.
- I write things I’ve already finished on my to-do lists so I can cross something off.
- I’d rather read the book then watch the movie.
- I love setting little goals.
- I am a certified Pilates instructor.
- There is nothing better than a long car ride with great playlist.
- I can’t start the day without a cup of tea!

Thank you for stopping by! I would love to get to know you more. You can always e-mail me at charlie [at], or be my friend on Instagram.