Monday, July 23, 2012

Discover Ohio - Part 2 Columbus and Cincinnati

We had one night in Columbus and we had so much fun!
While in Columbus, we of course got Jeni's Ice Cream. I walked over 2 miles to get it so I don't feel bad that I had two scoops!  We happened upon a food truck festival and it was fun to poke through and see all the different treats and the crazy long lines people will wait in to obtain them (crazy, I am not that patient!).  I also got to try Rita's for the first time. Oh, how I wish they had one in Michigan!  It is seriously the best thing! I mean, Rita's is so good that we made sure to route our way home going back through Columbus, even though it took a bit longer! 

Then it was off to Cincinnati (and a tiny bit of Kentucky)! 
...where Waffle House is amazing, and Big Boy is NOT Big Boy (but that is a rant for another day)! The whole reason for going to Cincinnati was to go to the Bunbury Music Festival to see City in Colour, Neon Trees, Passion Pit, and Death Cab for Cutie! We heard that you could park in Kentucky and walk to Cincinnati for the music festival...ummm, how cool is that?? We were sure to check out the Newport Aquarium since we were so close.  They have an amazing shark exhibit and I took like 100 pictures! I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area. Oh... and we randomly tried Chipotle and I can't believe I've been missing out for so long!

We also found a lot at thrift stores along the way!
Don't mind Ernie, he was just so happy we were home.

That is it... things should be getting back to normal around here!


  1. You pretty much got to see/try the best of the state! haha Newport is amazing at night. The view of Cinci from across the river is magical! And, Chipotle?!? Hello, the best burritos!