Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thrifted: Pyrex

I think I am finally finding my groove again when it comes to thrifting Pyrex. Both of these pieces meet the "don't turn into a hoarder" requirements (must match a pattern I already have... no starting new sets)! I actually already have the bowl, but I find the small bowls so handy that I don't mind having a duplicate.
I wish they would have had the sugar bowl that matched this creamer, but I guess that gives me something to hunt for.  This creamer is not stamped by Pyrex so it is an impostor, but I don't care. I have wanted this creamer for a while, and it matches my impostor salt and pepper shakers.  If you want a peek at my whole Golden Butterfly collection, check out this post! If you're curious about what other Pyrex I have been collecting, look here.

Do you collect Pyrex??  How do you display it?  I am in need of some tips!



  1. i only allow myself to buy butterprint, or red or aqua fridgies. that is how i keep from turning into a hoarder! i have a hutch type thing in my dining room that i keep it on.

  2. Love that cream! I mostly collect the butterfly pattern as well :D

  3. Love the butterfly print :) I'm renting or I'd have a couple of glass panes in the cabinet doors to show them off but for now I have two shelves above the microwave cart. I have a ton of crazy daisy print plates in two sizes that we use. I got the set at good will and it had a gravy boat, flour container and a bowl plus cups and saucers but at the time ( I was 16) I didn't think I'd need the rest so sent it to consignment. Luckily last weekend I got salt and pepper shakers to match. Good luck on your hunt for the rest of the canisters set!

    xo Amber P.

  4. You picked such a pretty pattern to collect. Love the orange butterflies.