Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Curl Chronicles: Product Review

It has been a very long time since I have done anything to do with curls. I admit, I found something that worked and I have stuck with it (read here), but recently I got the itch. You know, the itch that there may be something better!  The first two products I tried were Garnier Fructis curl calm down and Curly Sexy Hair curling crème.
Both of these products smell lovely compared to my favored VO5 hairdressing, but neither compared to how well it works!  

The Curly Sexy Hair curling crème worked in well and my hair drank it up. It didn't leave a greasy feeling behind, but it did nothing to help my curls stay in shape.  A few hours after my hair was dry, it was a wispy, poofy mess! Even with multiple attempts, this product was a fail for me.

The Garnier Fructis curl calm down worked easily into my hair and left a little grease feeling, but that went away as my hair dried.  It did wonders on the frizz and my hair was smooth, but my curls didn't hold shape for very long... boo! On my next attempt with this product, I decided to put a very small amount of my trusty VO5 in my hair before working in this cream, and that did the trick! I had soft manageable curls all day with less frizz than if I was just using the VO5.  This is my new, go-to combination for curls, and it has stood up to the crazy Michigan weather thus far.  

Just a reminder... I am sharing the experiences that I had with these products, and I know that not all curls are the same! Having curly hair can sometimes be a pain and with so many products out there, I thought that I should share what has and has not worked for me!  



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