Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Curl Chronicles

This tube isn't very pretty, and the smell isn't all that amazing either, but what it does to your hair makes up for it.   My mom would always tell me to use it when I was younger, but I always resisted because it was the stuff my dad used (silly, I know, but look at it... you wouldn't have done it either)!  After an attack of the frizz with nothing I would normally use working (and an outdoor wedding to go to), I got desperate and tried it out. 

I can't say it enough... this stuff works miracles (and the smell goes away after a bit).  I have been using it for a few weeks now, and my curls have never behaved better without product! Yes, thats right with-out-product!!! I have been putting a very small amount (**Warning I mean it... very small. A very, very little goes a long long way... Promise, if you put too much in, it will be greasy mess) through damp hair (it doesn't work as well on dry hair), I scrunch a bit and let it dry, and I have lovely soft, touchable curls for the summer.   I hate putting tons of product in my hair on sweaty days. 

For about $5 you can pick this up at your local drug store... it's honestly worth the try. They also have a special one for people with light colored or thin hair :).


*p.s. This is just my experience with the product, i'm not being paid to say this!:)*


  1. I have a question about these products because so far my success with them has been very poor... Do they only work for people with very curly hair? My hair is curly when short but due to the weight of my hair at it's normal length it dries mostly wavy with the odd ringlet. Parts of it look crimped at times. This is of course a fine frizzy mess without further training/product so I thought these sort of products would be perfect for me and give me beachy smooth waves? Instead I tend to look like an extra from Grease, and not a pink lady. Am I just not suitable for these products or could this one work for me do you think?

  2. Lianne- My hair isn't very curly either... It is very wavy. I only get really curly hair by working for it with products and pinning while it dries.. etc...etc. That being said this product has finally allowed me to fall in love with my natural wave by just letting my hair air dry. No work just very little of the product about 1/16 of an inch (honestly that little) while my hair is still damp. If you use too much of it you will be left a greasy mess (I lived and learned this one). I have tried other products like Bio silk which I love to use when my hair is straight to add shine, but you have to use so much of it for curls you're left with a greasy mess. I've also tried many other leave in conditioner creams that just made my hair feel dirty and I still had to pile of the product to get a non-frizzy outcome.

    I think this product could work wonders for your hair. Just a little bit worked through while still damp (not too close to your roots) and I bet it will be an amazing natural look. If you're worried about wasting your money (believe me I know it can be hard to spend money on yet another hair product)... this product can also be used a deep conditioner before you shower and for around $5 that's a steal.

    ok.... I think I have rambled on long enough! :) I hope I have answered your questions... If not let me know!