Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Thrifted Restyle

I am a sucker for any type of button detailing, and that's why I couldn't pass up this slightly too big vintage 70's dress. Well, the fact that it was $1.20 didn't hurt either!  (I know it may look like one from the 80's, but I promise you it's not built like one from the 80's and I looked it up). 

The sleeves swallowed me so I decided I would attempt to remove them. From there, I took in the sides, starting under the arm and stopping at the waist. Then, I finished the arm holes and hemmed the bottom up 5 inches to hit at my knee. 
It still felt like the dress was missing just a little something, and since I am up to my eye balls in vintage lace and trim (more on that soon), I thought... why not add a little to the neckline?  Perfect! I love it and I can't wait to wear it!



  1. That neckline looks perfect now! What a great restyle, I always see dresses like that (with the big silly sleeves) while thrifting and this definitely inspires me to take a chance with them.

  2. I love seeing restyles like this - I am always finding dresses at Goodwill that are awesome but just not quite right for me. Love the lace!

  3. I need to start looking past what something is to what something could be, more often. This turned out great.

  4. This is awesome! Found you from Kaelah's blog and I'm now following you! Going to check out the rest of your fun stuff now : )

    My Billie