Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thrifted: The Orange Edition

I didn't realize till I got home that everything I picked up coordinated so well.
This weekend's thrift adventure was much better than the last one.  I think my luck is slowly coming back. The vintage sheets aren't a matching set, but don't they look pretty together?  I am trying to be picky about what sheets I pick up since my collection is starting to overflow its designated shelf (sigh).

I also found these orange Pyrex cups for a friend.  I found her one years ago and haven't come across another one until this weekend. Can you believe I got them all for $1.50?! I bought the salt and pepper shakers for me because the color matched my canisters, but they match the cups so well that I may have to give them to my friend too!  I also found the silk scarf that is in the background.   



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