Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Goals

I hope that I do better this month than I did last month! I truly failed in April.... oh well, I will own it and move on.  

1. Update shop.
2. Sew something from a pattern.
3. Make time for art journaling.
4. Wake up earlier.
5. Start running.

April goals were...
1. Take more walks. FAIL
2. Spend time reading outside. This I did.
3. Bring more color into the house. This is in progress so not a total fail.
4. Make time to art journal at least once a week. FAIL
5. Sew something from a pattern.  FAIL

Do you have any goals for May?  Any tips for keeping up with them?



  1. My goals for May are to enjoy time with my husband who is coming home from Afghanistan his weekend. Start my huge garden and get my yard in shape.