Friday, March 23, 2012

It's the Weekend!!

(Is this not the cutest print?!?! You can buy it right here)
My weekend has already started out on the right foot!  Husband and I went with a group of friends to see the midnight showing of the Hunger Games!  It was wonderful to see it brought to life. Even though it did not contain the detail of the book, it still captured the emotion (I cried like a baby even though I knew what was going to happen).

Now, tonight we get to see the awesome band Eisley.  If you have yet to hear them (which I take as a surprise cause I have talked about them quite a bit), you should definitely take a listen!

This is one of my favorite songs off their album The Valley!
Ambulance by Eisley on Grooveshark
and this is my all-time favorite song ever by them...
Trolley Wood by Eisley on Grooveshark

It is going to be a fun, exciting weekend!  Do you have anything planned?



  1. :D i watched the movie too and i can't believe how amazing it was. i was afraid that they would turn in into a cheezy romantic one but nope they even cut many kissing scenes during the cave scene and gave us only one, focusing more on the actual drama and adventure inside and outside the arena. loved all the scenes inside the arena, and rue's death got me so emotional. ok maybe not red puffy eyes, crying like i lost someone i knew and loved as the book did, but still. i only wish there was a bit more of Rue so that Kat's tears could be explained more. however my friend who had no idea that Rue would die cried so muchhhhhhhh.
    i had my reservations considering cato and clove and glimmer as well, but boy did they pull it off???
    i mean cato may look a bit too cute for well cato but he was really badass and arrogant. still the whole scene of him talking about making his district proud and that he had nothing to loose and then begging Kat to kill him off so that he wouldnt' feel the pain was heartwreching and made me feel bad for the guy. yes he was vicious but his end was too tragic and painful even for him.
    as for clove she was totally badass, glimmer totally posh and girlish, Thresh strong but caring.
    such a great movie!!! goshhh i could talk about it for hours. i am so glad that they stayed so close to the book itself.
    p.s not to forget that Kat and Gale and Peeta rocked. and Haymitch oh Haymitch wasn't he the perfect drunk Hay we love??? and Cinna so calm and helpful and kind. :( :( :( knowing what will happen in mockingjay makes me whip to tears. :(
    ok i am not going to spoil anything since your readers may have not read it yet. i completely agree about your comment on prior post regarding mockingjay though, it was too hard to go through, too devastating :( :( :( :(
    ok back to the movie, Gale was fantastic i wish he had more lines but still he doesn't have many lines in the books as well so that's ok.
    and Peeta oh Peeta i admit that i always routed towards him and not just because Josh Hutcherson is the cutest Peeta ever (never imagined that he would look that good blonde and as Peeta, however he is talented and i was sure he would pull it off)! i loved all scenes regarding Peeta i just wanted to eat him like a cupcake. lol.
    ok sorry for the extremely long comment i am just so eager to chit chat about the movie :( and have no one to listen to me talking about it for hours lol.
    p.s regarding your blog beautiful beautiful blog.
    i wonder if you can find a min to check out mine, i am in the process of making it a bit more popular, i mean who doesn't want new followers but i don't want to spam so i leave it up to you

  2. Oh
    "And may the odds be ever in your favor!"