Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thrifted Restyle

I had mentioned before that I thrifted two dresses... Well, I finally finished restyling one of them!
This was one of those lovely oversized 100% polyester pieces that you come across so often while thrifting.  
This dress was a lot of fun to take apart... no serger seams, woo hoo! To get the dress to this point I detached the top half from the bottom half of the dress.  Then, I shortened both the top and bottom pieces from the middle (so I didn't have to re-hem the bottom) and took in the top on both sides. After that, I sewed the two pieces back together again with elastic. From there, I just shortened the sleeves. Not too bad for a $2.00 dress! (Please know that I am not a seamstress and I do this for fun. I am sure that I used improper terms and most likely did this all wrong, but it worked for me!).



  1. p.s newest follower here, forgot to tell u that

  2. Hi - just discovered your blog. This is an awesome project. It's amazing what you've done with this dress. I've been toying with the idea of trying something like this, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't achieve results this good! :-)

  3. Wonderful job, Charlie! I love what you did with it!