Wednesday, March 21, 2012

For the Love of Books

"Love: it will kill you and save you, both". I enjoyed this book a lot.  I know that some people don't think it compares to her last book Before I Fall (which I did love), but I do not believe that everything someone writes needs to compared to their prior works.  I love the concept of this book! My imagination runs wild with thinking about what it would be like if it was really like this! 

I am sure a lot of you have already read the trilogy, but if you haven't I highly recommend that you do.  I fell in love with the characters and the way Suzanne writes really makes everything come alive!  I enjoyed all 3 books. Mockingjay took a little effort to get through, but it was because of where you are in the story.  I am super excited to see it come to life in the movie. I am going to be one of "those" people and go to the midnight showing with a group of friends (might as well go all in, right?)... I am getting super excited!! 

What are you reading? Are you on Goodreads? If you are, we should be friends!!



  1. i loved all three books, ok maybe not equally but each had some great moments, i could chat about it for hours but i don't want to bother you