Monday, November 14, 2011

This Weekend

Husband helped me and we covered the seats and finished the chairs!
(Better pics to come when it's not gloomy and raining.  I was just so excited for them to be done that I had to share right away!!)
I love how they turned out, and they fit in the room perfectly!!!  Now to just find some super cute fabric for pillows (these are just place holders)! 

We watched
I had to watch it because I love Gilmore Girls, and it was the perfect cheesy romantic comedy!
I really like how the storyline played out.  It was kinda creepy!

I'm a little bummed that it's so rainy today.  I had big plans to take pictures of the stuff I've been crafting lately... Maybe it will be sunnier tomorrow!



  1. ohhh I LOOOVE Alexis Bledel - I also love Gilmore Girls.. in June I watched the whole tv show again! every single episode from every season.. a perfect serial. wish they made more episodes xD
    your chair looks great, I always admired people who renovate things.. I am not very patient to thing like that :D