Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recently Watched

We have really been the movie watching couple lately/

Yes... I waited this long to see this movie.  I really liked it, and want to watch it again!  I think it's because I'm a vivid dreamer and it was cool to think about all the layers.

It was just a sweet movie... like watching a Disney movie.

Wow! this movie... I could never imagine... and the ending... I will not watch this again.  If you're claustrophobic I don't recommend it.

This was truly funny! I have to admit that I watched it while playing Scrabble, but I caught enough to want to see it again! 

Have you seen Buried?  What were your thoughts?


  1. Inception is such a trip! I'm a pretty vivid dreamer too so this was my kind of movie! I've never watched Buried but just by the movie poster, it looks freaky! You should do a review on it! I'm curious!

  2. I was impressed that Buried could keep me entertained with basically one scene and one actor...but your right the ending..cry. I was already a Ryan Reynolds lover, but he was beyond impressive in this role.

  3. I loved inception, but the couple we saw it with hated it. I wanted to see it again. It was like the 6th sense were everything clicks at the end and you have to watch it again to confirm your theories.
    Just the poster for buried is going to give me nightmares. That sounds like toooo much for me. You're brave!
    And I don't understand how I have lived this long without seeing Arthur. I suckkkk. Thanks for reminding me to put it on our list :)

  4. Joanna - I'm too afraid of giving things away to do a review :). I do promise you this, it is not scary movie freaky at all.

    Lisa - I was impressed too... Did you see Chaos Theory?

    Allie - I think I might have to buy Inception... I think it's one of those movies where you will notice new things each time! About Buried, it's freaky like what if this happened to you freaky. Sorry about any nightmares that may have happened after reading the post!