Friday, September 9, 2011


Was for cleaning... I stayed up late last night working on some things for my soon to re-open Etsy, and look what happened to my desk.
This is the classic "I can't concentrate on one thing for too long and start to do too many things at one time".  Don't you like that lovely pile.... it looks like it could fall at any moment!  

When I stepped into my crafty room today, I couldn't imagine doing one more thing in that tiny workspace I allotted myself amongst all the piles.  (Also, not pictured is the floor, or the desk, or the sewing table... be glad)!  I spent today cleaning so I could be much more productive and finish the things on my ever long to-do list!
Yay! So much better! I also re-arranged some things.  I have tendencies that lean toward being obsessive compulsive, so I also organized buttons, snaps and tiny things and put them all in the proper places.  It feels so much better.... just do me a favor and don't open the closet :).  



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