Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Scored my first ever cashmere sweater! Of course I can never pass up zippers, and I may have found the sheet to use as the backing to my quilt... I love the colors!  I love that our local Salvation Army has put out the sweaters. I hate that they put them away in the summer... I don't know about you, but sweaters are a year round staple in my wardrobe!

How have your thrifty adventures been?


  1. Nice finds! I like this fabric - very similar to one of mines :)

    I have no money to go for treasure hunting lately :( ahh what a shame!! :(

  2. Lovely colours! Yes jumpers and knits are essentials. I get cold very easily... These girls who walk around in all weathers with bare arms, I don't know how they even do it! Cashmere in one or two ply is just utterly perfect for hot weather btw as it's warming but not too much, so look out for the very super fine stuff too. I didn't believe it until I wore it myself but I could happily sit in a cashmere wrap through summer and not be too warm. That's natural fibres for you I guess.

    My latest thrift- wooden picture frames and old newspapers from 1954 which the charity shop had forgotten they had. An advert for Mink of the Month caught my eye and there was a little bundle of old papers attached. Very amusing. Had an article about Liz Taylor getting divorced and a 'hope in sight' for colour TV lol