Monday, July 25, 2011

Recently Watched

It's been very hot and humid here lately... what better thing to do when it's miserable outside than watch movies?
This movie has been in our Netflix queue for a long time.    All I can say is if you love list making you will find the humor in this movie :).
I liked this movie a lot.  I have always loved movies that can make your imagination run wild with possibilites (ever since I saw Little Monsters as a kid). 
Very funny.... which is good cause I barely ever go to the movies and this made it a very enjoyable experience.
I wish I would have known about this book.  It seems like one I would have liked to read... it has a lot of twists and suspense.

Have you watched anything good lately?


p.s. I went shopping this weekend....and there was a huge sale......I bought lots of stuff.... ooops! (pics soon).


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