Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Curl Chronicles

Since last month when I made it a goal to wear my hair curly every day for the month, I haven't wanted to straighten it or take heat to it.  The fact that it's summer time helps too (straightened curly hair in the humidity often looks like a bad wig!).  So... I have been searching around for different things to do to mix it up and break the every day ponytail routine.  I was intrigued by the Rag Rolling DIY by Katie on Elsie's blog.  It would be something that would let me go to bed with wet hair and not have to worry about the half-flattened afro that you will wake up with in the morning.  I tried it over the weekend, and at first it kinda looked like I got a bad perm (I think because my hair is barely to my shoulders and Katie's is much longer), but some conditioner, bobby pins and another one of Katie's hair tutorials to the rescue, and it was finally tamed! (Not to mention that I found another use for all that lace trim I couldn't pass up on sale).  After taming, it was a super cute, very tight curl that I pinned up in a "poof", as my friends and I call it :).  

As I find more lovely things to do with curls I promise to share!



  1. Try these curls! I love them! Super easy and fun!