Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Creative Secrets: Gathering Vol. 1

Here is a peek at a notebook I have been filling up for fall. 
I love when people share bits of their creative process. It is fascinating to me to see how people capture their ideas and inspirations. Often times I learn something from seeing how they think, so I thought I would share a little piece of my process.

I am very visual person. My process starts with a collection of images or swatches of color arranged like above (in a sort of collage). I like filling up notebooks rather than using a digital means... something about the cutting and gluing and messiness of it all helps keep me inspired and motivated. Also, I can keep them with me and always know what I am looking for. The notebook above is fabric inspiration for different craft projects I want to do this fall.

How does your creative process start? Did you blog about it? Leave me a link!!



  1. Neat!
    Usually I just sit at my jewelry table, poke around at my stuff and then create when an idea comes xD