Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sewn: Floral and Vinyl

I came across this floral tapestry fabric (I call it granny fabric) in the clearance bin and I just wanted to make bags out of it... so I did! I made a new pouch for my Kindle, a large fold over clutch, a medium cross body purse and a mini fold over pouch. Making these has helped me become more comfortable with my zipper foot, interfacing and topstitching.

It was fun to play around and not worry about how it would turn out. Now that I am so comfortable with my zipper foot, I just want to make pouches for everything! I also want to be better about making time for 'just for fun' projects.

What have you been creating just for the fun of it lately?


  1. These are really pretty. I love that you call it 'granny fabric', my Mum used to have a big handbag made out of a similar fabric which I stealthily "borrowed" for all my school books. I've been making little knitted swatches to experiment with stitches and get more comfortable with my needles, ready for a bigger project. It's fun just to create for the pure joy of creating ^_^