Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Must Have Post-its

Last week I shared a look inside my notebook where I gather ideas for craft projects. It was tidy, neat and efficient. That is not the case for catching fleeting ideas and inspiration as you can see above. Nothing can replace a Post-it to me. I need that little piece of sticky paper that you run the risk of losing 30 seconds later. It took me a long time to be okay with keeping ideas this way. I would try to make myself use little notebooks, but it just didn't work. Something about using a notebook made me feel like my lists had to be pretty and organized and using Post-its took the pressure off. 

When I go through the pile I have stuck to my desk, work table and wallet it is like treasure! Reading through all the ideas, quotes and random thoughts always re-inspires me. I feel most creative in a some what chaotic/messy environment, but I can't handle when things get out of order. Post-its help me keep just enough chaos, but in a structured way. Eventually, all the Post-its (that don't get lost) get organized and the information ends up on a list or in a journal when I can take the time to do so neatly.

Yes, I did just write an entire post about Post-its. 



  1. I do this too except I'm not organized about it at all. I need a new method. I'm always finding random post it's and I'm afraid i'm going to lose my great idea's.I'm a wreck man.

    1. Maybe we need to belong to a post-it support group!