Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY For Him: Vinyl Wallet

Father's Day is coming and I thought I would share this simple wallet DIY. All you need is some vinyl (I got mine in the remnants bin at JoAnn), a leather needle for your sewing machine and some basic craft supplies.

1. Draft a pattern by drawing a rectangle that is 3 by 4 inches. Use a spool of thread or another small circular object to round the corners.

2. Cut two pieces.
3. Using a leather needle on your machine, sew all the way around.
4. You're done! See, super easy!
Have fun with it. Mix colors or create a different top edge.

The first time I made one of these it was to fill a need for Thomas... he hates thick wallets. You may think, what about money clips? To him, they always stretch out. So, I used scrap vinyl left over from covering chairs, a leather needle, and wax thread. It is not the prettiest thing, but he has used it ever since... almost over a year!
If something doesn't make sense, feel free to ask. I'd love to see if you make one... leave a link!