Friday, June 14, 2013

Button Front Skirt Restyle

I love button front skirts, but for some reason, the ones I find while thrifting are always too big for me. Luckily, they're pretty easy to take in.  I am super excited that I got to keep the belt buckles on this one.  I love the character it gives to the skirt! Ignore the fact that it won't button on the form... that means it fits me perfectly!

How I did it:
1. Put the skirt on inside out and figure out how much you want to take it in on each side. This amount should be equal to keep everything centered.
2. Once you know how much you're taking it in, lay the skirt flat (inside out still) and put a pin at the top, marking that measurement on each side.
3. Go along the side of the skirt, measuring out two inches from the seam all the way down (as pictured above). You will want to keep the shape of the skirt as much as possible.
4. This step is optional: With a pencil or fabric pen, take a yard stick and and connect the pins. I do this to help me see the angle and to make sure it works on both sides. It also helps me keep the seam straight.
5. Sew both sides of your skirt and try it on.
6. When you know the skirt fits, you can trim the excess with pinking sheers or serge it.
7. Hem the skirt to your desired length, and you're done! Just remember to always hem last because taking it in will make it sit differently when you have it on, even if it is just a little bit.
I hope this will inspire you to give things that don't fit a chance at the thrift store! 



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