Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thrifted: Vintage Carry-on

Yep, yet again I caved and bought a carry-on. I couldn't walk away, but this has to be the last one.  There is no more room for another one... See!
If I do get tempted again, I will have to get rid of one and I am sure that will help me walk away. I never meant to start this collection... it just happened! I do like it though and they fit neatly on top of there. I think it was meant to be!

Have you "accidentally" started any collections?


  1. I can't blame you a bit - That bag (and that collection) is gorgeous!

    I believe you have my address now, if you do decide to downsize. ;)

    I have to be VERY picky about bags, otherwise I would have hundreds by now. It's always the first and last place I look over at any thrift shop.