Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thrifted: Too Many Bags

The first one is a Jordache weekender (80's) that could be used as a pretty large purse.  I had to have it because of the lovely floral print that reminds me of cool old ladies.  The second is an American Tourister, with a wonderful braided pattern in perfect condition (late 70's I think). The third is the cutest little bag that would be the roomiest purse ever... lots of compartments.  Downside is that the strap is a little short, but I might have a solution up my sleeve.  The last one is a Samsonite in pretty great condition, and it is being well-loved now by a dear friend who loves orange. How do you leave any of these behind? I might have a problem! I recently took a step back from thrifting. I felt like I was on the road to being a hoarder... take these bags for example.  I thrifted them and didn't need them. I already own 4 others... yep, hoarder in the making! Luckily, the orange one has found another home, but I may need to think out the rest.

These posts will still happen, I have lots to share still.  Not sure if that is a good or bad thing?!?! What can you not leave behind when out thrifting?



  1. I'm a bag person too, and I love all of those. I have a REALLY hard time passing up bags when I'm thrifting! It's always the first part of the store I look at.

  2. I understand you completely when it comes to thrifting, especially with bags. I happen to have a load of them and keep on using just one or two. I hope we don't become hoarders :) But I must say I love the first one, so please find a way to match it :)
    Happy to have found you blog!