Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Of course I find awesome shoes after writing about how the shoe sections creep me out. I am glad I braved the section because these lovelies have never been worn... and for $9.00, score! I also found the lovely red train case that still has the mirror and the perfect yellow sweater for Spring! Hurry Spring! 

What have you been thrifting?


  1. Adorable shoes! They look like they would be perfect with anything. Good usual!

  2. i think i have that *exact* case but in blue! i bought it from my favorite booth at the monthly flea market and now i keep all my bookmaking supplies in it! you have great taste ;-)

  3. Oh I am so jelous about the train case!!! We can't find them anywhere here where I live..!!

  4. That is a great train case. I've been doing my fair share of thrifting lately. I just posted about my finds too.

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