Monday, March 4, 2013

For the Love of Books

Before I Die
Warning: you will need tissue! This story follows a girl (Tessa) who has a terminal illness and is fighting against having to "fight" for what time she has left. Since she wants to live and experience things before it is too late, she compiles a list and the story follows her as she attempts to accomplish them all. It will make you laugh, make you cry and make you scream "why?". I enjoyed this book very much, and because you will get sucked in, it is a quick read.

I'll Be There
If you are now singing the Jackson 5 song, that's okay I did too! Believe it or not, it is used in the book. This book is all about destiny/fate. The pastor's daughter (Emily) has a sort of hobby of drawing connections between people and seeing if she can understand how destiny has worked in their lives (and then destiny happens to her!). I am sucker for fairytale type stories and this book easily falls into that category. I loved how developed all of the characters were, but I also felt like the book was very long-winded.  I know that developing characters takes time... I guess I just can't be pleased. I really did enjoy this book though. Read it when you have the time to relax and really get connected!

Once Was Lost
This book is about losing faith during hard times and trying to figure out how to find it while everyone is looking for you to be perfect.  As the pastor's daughter, she is attempting to save face and hold everything together while her family is in a less than perfect state. While dealing with all of this, a community tragedy happens and she is forced to change her focus. This book is very short and a quick read.  The community tragedy I mentioned above adds a mystery aspect to the book and you will want to know who, when and where and it makes you keep turning the pages.

Phew! Two books about pastor's daughters... That was totally unplanned, but they really couldn't have been more different. What have you been reading?  You can see what I've been reading here (you could be my friend too ;))



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