Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thrifted: Shoes

I don't often thrift shoes... I have only done it one other time and it was for a pair of Bass oxfords.  For some reason, the shoe sections at thrift stores really gross me out. Still, I couldn't pass these up.  I know the Candies are very obnoxious, but for me they are a pair of shoes that I never got when they were cool and so the teenager in me made me buy them! I have yet to wear them, but I think I could totally make something happen... maybe. I am also in love with the Etienne Aigner loafers. They were barely worn, so they need some breaking in, but they're the most beautiful chocolaty brown. They match everything I own and I just love them...a very perfect find.

What thrifted things creep you out?


  1. Im am very picky with shoes. They have to be in really good shape for me to consider it and then im still sterilizing them and buying new insoles. But sometimes its worth it. What really blows me away is the bra section. Come on. Some things you just gotta buy new. I do like buying old slips tho. I love thrifting.