Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Not Too Guilty Winter Pleasures

In the winter months, there's not all that much to do outside. I mean, there is... but not that much that I do! I end up doing the same things often...
Link love: Lush, Larabars, PLL, Dexter, SC

Baths:  There is nothing better in the winter than a warm bath. I probably take too many of these, but I honestly can't help myself.  They're made even more enjoyable with Lush bath bombs. Twilight is one of my absolute favorites!

Television: I watch far too much television. It is relaxing to me and I like the noise while I am working on things. I am currently guilty of watching too much Pretty Little Liars, Secret Circle and Dexter.

I am in love with the storyline on Pretty Little Liars... it has kept me on my toes since the beginning.  I know that Secret Circle got canceled a while back, but I really liked it, even with all of the changes from the book.  I am so sad it got canceled (bonus though, you can watch it on Netflix now). Husband and I started watching Dexter in November and have been completely caught up since mid-December... Yeah that is 7 seasons... no we don't have a life!  I cannot wait for Dexter to start again! I love Debra Morgan and I will be so sad if this truly will be that last season.

Baked goods: Nothing warms up the house like baked goods, but thanks to lovely new dietary restrictions I haven't been able to enjoy this as much. Thank goodness Larabars exist!! I like most of the flavors, but I love their Apple Pie bar the best!

What are your (not too) guilty winter pleasures?


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