Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Wednesday!

While I was looking for images to go with my "Happy" list, I came across this Anthropologie sweater...
It encompassed pretty much everything on my list!
1. Color: Yellow & Mint are two colors that always brighten my mood.
2. VW Bug: I want one! I feel like you could never be in a bad mood while driving it. I love just seeing one drive down the street.
3. Polka Dots: Duh!
4. Sweater: I can't leave home without a sweater, no matter the season.  They make me the happiest and are like a makeshift security blanket.

The only thing that was left out was this song. It always perks up my mood. (I Am Not a Robot - Marina & the Diamonds).
I Am Not A Robot by Marina & the Diamonds on Grooveshark

What things help make you happy?


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