Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

I didn't set goals in January so that I could focus on my resolutions and book reading.  I am for once ahead of schedule with my reading (11 books so far)... I doubt this will last, but one can hope! I also think I am doing better at living fearlessly, so here's to having an awesomely fearless year!

February Goals:
1. Finish up spring flowers for the shop.
2. Clean my studio really well.
3. Use the pretty felt I have been too afraid to.
4. Hem my black skirt.
5. Restyle my gray coat.

What are your goals for the month?


  1. Sounds like you will be busy :)
    My monthly goals are to read more, redesign my blog, and work on reopening my etsy shop

  2. great goals
    follow back, if you like :)

  3. You can totally pull of these goals, and hey you should link up with us-we run a monthly goal linky every month! :)

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