Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Resolution

Hope the first few days of the new year have treated you well.  I got to ring in the new year from the comforts of my bed due to a lovely cold... but it was perfect.  I am just now beginning to feel human, and I am so excited to get started in this new time.  I decided that in 2013 I am going to take the fear out of failure.  I am just going to do, without over thinking every little thing.  Here are just a few of the things I am going to apply this to.

1. List some vintage clothing I have been hoarding in the shop.
2. Make a dress from a pattern.
3. Be confident in what I do/make.
4. Hem, take in, and(or) restyle every thrift I have in the almost basket.

These things are so simple and yet I over think and fear every little thing about them. Who cares if I don't sell a thing, or adding to my existing shop is the wrong outlet? What does it matter if I ruin a pattern or waste some fabric? I can buy some more and it won't be a waste... I am sure it will be a learning experience. And who cares what people think about what I do/make? I am done with the worry. It is not my problem, it is theirs.  I never pay much for my thrift finds, so I need to just let go of the anxiety and do my best. If I ruin something, it honestly just doesn't matter!



  1. Great resolutions! You are always good with your monthly goals so I'm sure these will be achieved in no time. Can't wait to see the dress pattern one in action! Sounds fun.

  2. I think these are really great resolutions ^_^ creative and fun! It's awesome you're not going to let anything hold you back this year; confidence is key and even if everything doesn't go exactly right, you'll be so proud of what you achieved! Good luck!

  3. I totally get hung up on what others think about what I do creatively and I'm not that way in any other aspect of my life. We stress out way too much and it takes the joy out of what we love to do. Thanks for this post, I needed it. Screw what everyone else thinks, its our lives.