Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

Well this year was a blur, but it was a pretty fun blur! With mini-vacations, thrift adventures, and lots of crafting.  

Last year I made these goals...succeeded on some, and completely failed on others! 
1. Take more pictures of us - Success, thanks to cell phones!
2. Write in my journal everyday - Fail. This lasted maybe all of a week.... I did however keep up with my question a day journal... but that doesn't really count.. right?
3. Go on actual dates - Success! We might be able to do better but we at least go once a month.
4. Read 100 books  - Fail, but the best fail ever!!!! I worked all year at this and don't care that I fell short. I am definitely doing this again.. it was just so much fun!
5. Hang things on the walls - Success (kind of)... We got a few rooms done and have plans for the others. 
6. Print pictures - Fail... why is this so hard to do? What is my problem...
7. Try new recipes - Success! This was a lot of fun and something we did together which made it even more fun... even if it didn't always turn out. 

I am excited to see what 2013 holds!



  1. I'm starting my first question-a-day journal this year! So so so excited! :)