Friday, January 4, 2013

For the Love of Books

How to Save a Life: The characters in this book will stay with me for awhile... especially the "innocence" of Mandy.  This book was packed with strength and hope.  I never want to spoil a book for anyone, so I am doing my best to be vague, but the steadfastness of the mom in this book is amazing and I wish I could be that way.

The Sky is Everywhere: If you like a slightly twisted love story with an underdog... this book is for you.  This book hooked me from the very beginning and I read it in one sitting because I had no other choice... I had to see how it all played out!

Wintergirls: It is no secret that this book is about an eating disorder.  I didn't personally connect with it, but I finished it and I can see how some people would connect with it.  The main character is perfectly realistic and so are the situations.  This book wasn't my favorite, but I am not sad that I read it.

I did fail at my 2012 goal to read 100 books, but I went on so many adventures and met so many characters that I am going to attempt the challenge again!  Any recommendations, or tips on staying on pace?

If you ever want to discuss a book in more detail, feel free to e-mail me... I LOVE book talk!


  1. I've gone the super simple route and opted for 1 book per month (at least, I'd love to read so many more than 12 this year) In order to keep pace, I like to purposefully make some 'reading time' at least twice a week. Just a couple of hours here and there of dedicated book, tea and cosy corner time =)

    Good luck with your book goal! I'm excited to see what you'll read ^_^