Monday, January 7, 2013

Thrifted: Tops

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend... I know I did!  Here are a few tops I thrifted recently. I find that tops are the hardest things to find new or thrifted. They're either too short or too boxy... anyone else agree?  
1. A paisley yellow print - I love this blouse even though it is a bit too short to wear with jeans. It is perfect for skirts. 
2. Navy and cream knit - I have yet to wear this one... it is a bit on the long side and I am not sure how to layer it. Thoughts?
3. Polyester zipper back top - This top is so simple, but for some reason caught my eye even though it was stained.  I have a hard time buying stained items, but a little vinegar and Clorox 2 and it is perfect!  I wear this shirt often. It fits like a dream and something about the zipper makes it feel more fancy than a t-shirt (it is all in my head, I know).
4. Floral blouse - This top is handmade and I can't help but feel it was for a costume, but it looks perfect under dresses and sweaters. I love button up shirts!

What have you been thrifting for?


  1. I have the same issues finding shirts. I definitely love finding one that is perfectly fitted and long enough. Great finds! I love the second one!

  2. The yellow Paisley one is great.