Thursday, January 10, 2013

Can we talk about slips?

I am a lover of slips, and thanks to my mom I have quite the collection.  She was a firm believer in them... always telling me that my dress/skirt was not complete without one (no one wants to see your underwear). I know slips aren't the cool thing to wear anymore, but let's think about all the cool things they do for you:

1. They keep people from seeing your underwear (thanks mom).
2. They get rid of that windowpane look when you're back lit.
3. If it is a windy day and your dress/skirt happens to fly (which has happened to me more times than I would like to admit), people only see your slip... and it's pretty, so who cares!
4. They are a nice blusher if you happen to forget to bend over like a lady.
5. They help combat static cling from tights and unlined dresses/skirts (even some that are lined..why in the world?).

They come in all lengths and styles.  A full slip can even save you from having to wear the tanktop layer, that even when you try to tuck into your tights, will roll up anyways. Also, they look pretty under a sheer top!

You may ask... where can you even find them anymore? I promise you, regular old slips are still available.  Yes, you may have to weed through some shapewear to find the little rack, but it is there in every department store... even Target! If you are a thrifter, you can usually thrift beautiful spotless slips for dirt cheap (yes, I said spotless cause it is kind of an undergarment and spots give me the creeps).  If you are still having a hard time finding them, check Etsy, or if you like to sew, check out this tutorial.

How do you pick the right one? Is this slip too short?  I think it is personal preference, but here is how I do it.  If the dress/skirt is very sheer, I make sure my slip comes within an inch of the hem line.  If it isn't very sheer (like wool), I will often go for my favorite slip that will keep me covered in an embarrassing wind situation (usually a 16'). I pick colors like I pick out what color bra to wear.  For me, it is often nude or black, but you know what colors and fabric hide bright bras... Same goes for slips, unless you would like the contrast look that can be very appealing sometimes.

Okay, my very long and unorganized rant about slips is over.  Yes this is my opinion and no I won't point and laugh at you if you don't wear one... so please don't tell me I am old fashioned or dumb!



  1. i love wearing slips! i wear them all the time.


  2. I love slips because I'm not always that careful to not be showing my booty either. You can find some real pretty ones at the thrift stores. I never can pass one up.

  3. This is a really great post. I'm not much of a skirt-wearer (due to a job that entails wearing a uniform and having to get changed in and out of it) but when I -do- wear a skirt, I worry about the wind blowing it up or it being see-through. I never even thought about wearing a slip! Thank you for sharing ^_^

  4. I'm a firm slip believer too! In fact I usually wear undies, tights, a slip, and an undershirt tucked into the slip and/or tights pretty much at all times! Hooray for under layers!