Monday, August 6, 2012

Thrifted: Pretty Dresses

Life has just been spinning around here.  I am ready for it to get back to a little bit of routine, but even with it spinning wildly, a girl still has time to do some thrifting!  I rarely thrift a dress that just fits me without alteration... let alone three.

 I also rarely find anything this perfect! I have a feeling this dress is going to get a lot of use.  

I am in love with the vinyl covered buttons on this dress.  Can you believe that each of these buttons are held on with tiny safety pins?  I guess whoever owned it before me didn't like to sew much!

Can it be fall already?? I know that I said I want to enjoy all that each season has to offer, but I would really like to wear this dress too!  I cannot get over the tie or the scalloped collar!

I wish I was better at dating clothing, but I am horrible at it.  Do you have any ideas when these dresses could be from? Do you have any tips for finding out?



  1. Just bases off the collar/design I would say the middle one is 70's-ish, but that's without feeling the fabric haha

  2. I LOVE that blue spotty one, what a great find!

  3. Those are all great. I love finding items before the new season.

  4. you found some great dresses! I love them all but I like the last one the most! I love the collar!

  5. My thrifting day was a total bust today, but these are all amazing! Newest follower over here from Little Chief Honeybee :)

  6. Oh, love the style of these dresses! I swear the dresses from 20-40 years ago were made for my body type! My favorite is the first dress! -Jessica