Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Me vs. the Pile

I said before that I rarely thrift clothes that fit without alteration, and that little fact leads to piles like this...
I tell myself that I will get to them someday and then they keep growing, and I keep thrifting, and I begin to look like a hoarder. Well, today was someday!  
I was able to get through a good chunk of the pile!  I turned slacks into shorts, a dress into a shirt, took in a dress I have been wanting to wear, resized a couple shirts.... and spent way too long altering a 90's jumper that upon finishing, I feel I will never wear. It is a very inconvenient piece of clothing (I pee far too often for that)! 
I am happy to have all of these little annoying projects off my list at once, and now instead of being in a ball on the floor, they can be part of my closet!



  1. Sounds like a productive day! Makes me wish I could sew xD

  2. I have a pile like that myself, that I think I will get to tomorrow, cause I can't stand looking at it anymore. Good for you.

  3. I think it's awesome that you can even do that haha. I would certainly like to teach myself some of these things in the future :)

  4. 'I pee too often for that' Ha ha ha