Friday, August 17, 2012

Corelle Dilemma!

If you have been reading along, you know I have been diligently putting together a service for 12 in Butterfly Gold (golden butterfly??).  Well, I was recently gifted two boxes filled with Woodland Brown.
What to do... what to do... Should I mix them together like this?
Or stage the settings every other?
Or not keep them.. because they don't go together, and you should only collect one dish design from the 1970's? These are obviously important questions you should want to answer! Help!



  1. I am a Corelle and Pyrex *fanatic*! I collect two patterns - Butterfly Gold and Spring Blossom Green. I have the entire dinnerware set in Spring Blosson Green, right down to the tea cups and saucers. ♥ Now I'm working on all of the bake ware and mixing bowls.

    I love the Woodland Brown set, but the coordinating Pyrex bake ware and mixing sets aren't as cute. I think it's perfectly okay to collect more than one pattern, though!

  2. I think all the above suggestions work and look lovely. I've never thought about collecting. I'm one of these evil people at boot fairs (yard sales) haggling to buy a single tea cup from a full set... Because I only want the one tea cup. I must own all the missing cups in the world. (I have been known to exaggerate). X

  3. Those go wonderfully together. I love the mix and match look.

  4. We have "hand me down" Woodland Brown! the mix & match actually looks good haha. We have all of the bowls and plates and some coffee cups.

  5. I think it would be fine to mix it up or just have something to alternate every once in a while. But if you're still feeling uneasy I wouldn't give them away quite yet. Just hang onto them for just a bit longer and after a couple of weeks if the idea still doesn't feel right I'd give them to a friend to let them start their own collection.

    I collect the bake ware and mixing bowls in different patterns but have most of the Corelle Spring Blossom Green (or Pyrex Crazy Daisy) dish set but gave away a lot of the pieces I wish I had now because at the time I wanted to mix them up and didn't think I needed them. So which ever you do is up too you. I think the only golden rule in collecting Pyrex is trying not to break them!

    xo Amber P.

  6. I adore the photo where you mixed up the settings. I do it constantly with my fiesta ware. I never make settings all one color or pattern! I think it really fits your personality to have a mixture anyway! Corelle is so cute.

  7. Hi did you keep the Woodland Brown? Mom's was passed down to me and i am missing lot of them. if you are still thinking of giving away please let me know...Thanks...Sonia