Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blogging Resources

There are some brilliant ladies out there in the blogging world who have made their experience and knowledge available to us! A few months ago, I bought PR & Marketing by Kaelah from Little Chief Honeybee and Three Sixty-Five by Kam from Campfire Chic. Both of these are awesome resources if you feel yourself stuck in a little blogging funk.

Kaelah's e-book is written very straight forward and to the point... it is refreshing! She gives you the information you need to really build up your blog, and shares the things she has learned along the way.  She tells you the things you need to know, without all the fluff, and makes everything totally approachable. I honestly love her writing style. I may never use a few of the things in this book, but as a newbie in this world, it is nice to know how things work... and that makes it worth the purchase!

Kam's workbook/resource is a perfect reference for when you are trying to fill out your blogging schedule.  When I am staring at a blank calendar, my brain tends to go blank after just a few minutes of filling stuff in.  This is the perfect thing to help generate ideas.  It seriously leaves you thinking... why didn't I think of that?  She also includes some awesome tips for reinventing the ideas she included.  I mean, for $5.00 this is a steal and something you will keep using again and again, I promise!

I highly reccomend you check these two resources out because you might just learn something you didn't know!

I also just started Kara's The M class and Arrow & Apple's Lighting e-course. I will let you know how I like them when I get a little further... I am currently trying to handle all the anxiety that comes with attempting to shoot in Manual! Gah!



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