Friday, May 11, 2012

Paper Hydrangea DIY

Just in time for Mother's Day! My mom has very bad allergies, and though she loves flowers, they're better for her if they're outside.  So... I usually make her some type of paper or felt flower that she can enjoy (I think I started this tradition in 8th grade when I learned how to make origami tulips).  This year, I decided on a vase full of hydrangeas! Here is what you will need to make it happen!

- Multiple paper colors (I went for the purples) and a green paper for leaves
- Paint in a shade that will match your papers
- A flower punch (not needed, but will make this a lot easier)
- Flat head straight pins
- Scissors
- Styrofoam ball
- Floral trap or green washi tape
- Pipe cleaner

1) Paint your styrofoam ball. 2) While it dries, punch your flowers. 3) Cut your ball in half using scissors. 4) Add your flowers to the ball using pins.  Make sure to stagger them and curl up the edges. 5) Cut a circle for the bottom of your flower and cut two leaf shapes. 6) Pin them into place (I know only one pin is showing, but use more so nothing comes loose. 7) (Not pictured, sorry) Wrap the pipe cleaner with the green tape, then poke it through the bottom of the flower and you will have this!

Happy Crafting!