Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weekend Snippets

Hello... I know it has been a bit silent and I wish I could tell you it was because I was hard at work or on a lovely vacation, but I was just caught up in life.  It was the week of crazy family and friend obligations (I am not complaining), but the introvert in me begins to freak out and I spend all of my down time enjoying the nothingness!

This weekend we were able to recover and do some just for fun things!
On Friday we went to a library sale and I found a ton of books... $1.00 for hardcover and 50 cents for paperback (be still my heart!).  On Saturday we celebrated Record Store Day by perusing our local record store and by going to a pretty awesome concert.
The show was all local bands.  Headlining was Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, and opening for them was one of my all-time favorite bands (and the main reason we went), The Hard Lessons.  There was also a second opening band that I had never heard of called Phantasmagoria and their music was really fun and I am now hooked!  Yes, those are bubbles in that picture. How can a concert with bubbles and confetti not be awesome?  We went for one band and by the end we were in love with all three, making for a perfect concert experience.  (Well, we wont count the pervy guy in front of us that was feeling up a girl while checking his "Ok Cupid" account... bahahaha.) 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! You can expect things to get back to normal around here. :)