Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I have let myself get a little distracted lately.  Last Thursday, I had my first ever order of initial necklaces.  I was so excited that I wanted to make sure I got them turned around as quickly as possible. So, I kind of dropped everything to get it done.
Here they are all packaged up.  Since this was my first order, I had a fun time trying to create the packaging. 
Since I knew she was gifting them individually, I wrapped them and attached little initial cards!  I was able to get them out on Saturday morning :).

Then, I let myself get distracted with a little series called the Hunger Games!  I am currently on book three and every spare second I have had has been spent reading.  I didn't watch TV all weekend.  After I finished book one, I was able to convince Husband to read it.... He is hooked just like I am.  

I've also been getting distracted with the lovely weather we've been having.  Sorry, but who wants to be inside on the computer when it's so pretty outside?  Not me! But I am back from my distractions, and I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!! 

Have you read the Hunger Games? Did you like it?  I would love someone to dish with!



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