Tuesday, February 14, 2012


There is something about the fullness of a pleated wool skirt that draws me in.  I am absolutely in love with the pink and gray one... it is one of the most comfortable skirts I've ever worn.  I honestly believe that wearing skirts like these is way more comfy than pants.  You can sit any which way and you're covered because of the fullness and length (just below the knee).  We all know that I have a love for wool skirts... especially Pendleton, though I try not to discriminate :).

I have yet to wear the one on the left.  I thrifted it this weekend and it still has the tags on it from Hudson's.  When I find things with tags on it like this I always wonder why it was never worn, and how it stayed in the back of someone's closet for so long and just now made it to the donation pile.  Do you even wonder about the life that things had before the thrift store?  It may be dorky, but I always do!



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