Thursday, February 2, 2012


I found this awesome golden butterfly pattern Pyrex.  I am not sure if that is the proper lid to the piece?  It seems to fit very loosely, but it doesn't matter to me... it is another serving piece to add to my "China" collection :).  In the same trip, I thrifted two vintage pillowcases and more heart fabric!  I have been trying to stay away from vintage linens since my collection is outgrowing it's allotted space, but the color and pattern caught my eye and they were only 50 cents!!! You can't pass that up!  I am not sure what to do with all this heart fabric I have been able to find lately.  When I look at it, I see bows and zipper pouches... any ideas?
Here is a better look at the heart fabric!



  1. Every time I see vintage Pyrex dishes I always think of you now haha.

  2. I had those plaid sheets when I was a kid!

  3. I'm always on the hunt for Pyrex any time I'm thrifting. I love it!