Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sweatshirt Restyle - 4 Ways

My mom gave me this stack of sweatshirts.
She thought that even though they were well loved (paint, bleach and cooking stain kind of loved), that I could get some kind of use out them. I accepted it as a challenge to make them into something I wouldn't mind wearing on my lazy, bum around the house days.

Here is what I got... with just a few simple changes!
For the first one (top left), I had been eyeing the heart sweatshirt DIY from Amy at A is for Ampersand! What better time to give it a try?  It was super easy and if you have two old sweatshirts laying around, I highly recommend giving it a try!

On the second one (top right),  I covered up a stain by adding a piece of ivory lace trim.

The third one (bottom left) was an act of desperation... I had no idea what to do with it. It had been attacked with bleach spatter!  I thought about adding ruffles up the center, but it was too bulky looking so I just jumped in and cut the sweatshirt up the center.  While wearing it, I pinned it into a more fitted look, and came out with this v-neck style pullover, and you can't see one bleach stain :)!

The last one (botton right) is the ultimate comfy be-at-home sweatshirt since it is nice and long (covers the butt). I did exactly what it looks like: Cut the waistband off the green one, cut the purple one just under the armpit and sewed it together! (hello 90's... lol).

So here is proof that there is never an unsalvageable sweatshirt. It just takes a little thought and a lot of patience!



  1. I LOOOOVE this! I saw the tutorial on Amy's blog forever ago and I have yet to find some cheap crewnecks at the thrift store to try this with! NOw I really need to be on the hunt! I love the lace one! XO Lori

  2. Oh how adorable!!!! Now I want to go thrift some sweatshirts!!! I want to spot a dark gray one with bleach!!!

    Thanks for the book recommendation on my blog. I am going to add it to my goodreads. Are you on there?? If so look me username is ambercox!

  3. Charlie! I bought those fabrics here: it's a wodnerful shop with a great and nice owner.. and it's not that expensive for people who live in the USA I think! :))