Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Think I May Have a Problem...

So... yesterday I asked you all if you had any collections that were starting to get out of control?  Well, while cleaning a closet explosion (incase you're unfamiliar with what that is... It usually happens when you're not sure what to wear, and have waited till the last minute to figure it out), I realized that I unknowingly (okay not that unknowingly) came to possess quiet a hefty sweater collection.
I pretty much wear a sweater every day... kinda like Mr. Rogers. Husband and I joke that they're my security blanket (they give me courage to face to the world)!  I honestly didn't realize it had gotten this out of hand.  The sad part is that I still see and want awesome sweaters. I must control this addiction.... no more sweaters for me for a long while! I may have to make a one in, one out rule!  Oh, I can also think of about three that aren't pictured because they're in the wash.... Ahhhh! 



  1. Not gonna lie, I am pretty envious of your collection and I don't think it's out of control at all lol...maybe I to have sweateritus?!

  2. wooo so much sweaters! ;o i have maybe 4 or five.. but mostly very short cardigans :D haha :D nice collection! :D

  3. cardigans are NOT sweaters. please remember this when doing a total count and it may not be as bad as you think!;)

  4. Margo - Then I am okay.... I have maybe 10 non-cardigan sweaters! lolol Thanks for the tip!