Friday, January 6, 2012

I Spotted a Lot of Dots

On our last day of vacation together, we ventured out to spend some of our Christmas money.  While we were out, I noticed that Forever 21 has a lot of pretty polka dots.
* polka dot cardigan  * yellow long cardigan comes black and white too* polka trench* white blouse
I didn't buy any... that particular Forever 21 is always too crowded, and finding my size is always a task.

I did end up with these lovely shoes from Nordstrom Rack....
My first pair of Jeffery Campbells (for $27.50!!!!) and super cute Madden oxfords that are actually children's (for $16.00!!!!)!  I love shoes... Getting deals on shoes is the best!

Have you gotten any steals while doing some after-holiday shopping?



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