Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello 2012

Here is the list of things I am hoping to accomplish in 2012.  It's not very big, but I always add to it as the year goes on! 

1. Take more pictures of us - I totally suck at taking pictures while out and at getting my picture taken.  Isn't it bad that I would love to do a post highlighting 2011, but I have no photos of "us" doing anything?  Even from our vacations... ooops!

2. Write in my journal everyday - When I got into art journaling, my writing journal became obsolete. I miss it... it's easy, and you can capture feelings and even art journal them later! I have kept up with it so far (I know it's only two days, but at least I'm not starting late!).

3. Go on actual dates - Somewhere in our almost two years this stopped, and I would love for it to happen again.  Even if they're simple dinner and coffee dates, or going to the bookstore.

4. Read 100 books - I know this is a big goal, and I might even fail.... but come on, even if I just come close it isn't really failing.  I also hope that by setting this goal I will watch less TV.

5. Hang things on the walls - We have lived in this house for over a year, and most of the walls are bare. SO... over the course of this year I am making it my mission to fill them up! 

6. Print pictures - I don't know why I am so bad at this. We didn't even print out wedding pictures... only like three to give away as gifts.  So, hopefully my first goal will fuel this one!

7. Try new recipes - I have lots of cookbooks and magazines full of lovely recipes and I never use them ( and yes we do eat at home almost 5 days a week!)...  If I find any good ones, I will share them here!

There it is... does anyone else ever get nervous after they put their goals out there?  I get a sinking feeling, but I know if I put it out there, I will be less likely to let myself be lazy... So you all better hold me accountable! 

What are your goals/wishes for the new year?  


  1. Happy New Year, Charlie! Good luck on all of your goals. Can't wait to see which books you will read! 100 sounds like a cool challenge! I am so bad at printing pictures, too. I should add that to my list of goals. And I understand the lack of taking the pictures. Sometimes you are just having too much fun to bust out the camera...that's how I feel sometimes.

  2. Best wishes to you, Charlie!!! Nice goals. I have a very similar problem with photos of my family)))