Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I hope the first days of 2012 have treated you well!  It has been an amazingly busy time for husband and I, lots of family and friends to visit with.  I am very excited for this year!  I have a list of goals and dreams started... I will be sharing them with you soon!  I have also been doing some prep work to set myself up for success in 2012.  

Last Years Goals:
Be kind to myself - This was a definite success.  I learned a lot about myself this past year and how to accept my strengths and weaknesses.  I got more comfortable with who I am... and gave up trying to be what others thought I should be.

Eat at home more (4 days a week) - Check, we have a pretty good schedule of eating at home Monday - Friday!  Even some weekends, but those are so hard!

Get on a schedule - FAIL - I am on a schedule but  not one that I like... So I will be working on this.

Open an Etsy - Check, even made some sales :).

Make the most of it - I did my very best to do this.  Whatever we happened to be doing I would figure out ways to make it fun, remembering that I always have to ability to choose happiness (not easy, but true).

Care less - This is still something I have to actively think about, but I have learned to care less about what other people say and not let their judgments carry too much weight with me.  

Journal Everyday - FAIL -  I used to be such a great journaler and somewhere along the way I lost it.  Thats okay.. this goal will be worked on this year... I already started!

I don't think I did too bad... I learned a lot in 2011. Maybe most importantly I learned that "when you judge others you do not define them, you define yourself" (Wayne Dyer).  This quote really changed me... it rocked my world in a great way!



  1. It's so much fun to look back and see all you've achieved - congrats on doing so well with your goals last year! Happy New Year (^_^) May it bring you everything you hope for!

  2. Great work! Haha and I am bad at schedules & planning as well ;) I love the quote; it works the other way around as well. I feel like I should sometimes care less about what people think of me and realize that if they do think badly of me they are also defining themselves.. :)



  3. Marielle - That is exactly what it made me see!